Billie Eilish - Happier Than Ever (Official Music Video)

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    Listen to the new album “Happier Than Ever”, out now:

    Directed by Billie Eilish

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    1. Carla M

      2:30 yw

    2. Vee

      Legenda em português 💛💛💛💛💛 Que coisa linda

    3. Brenda Catarina

      I come here everyday

    4. Akmal Gibran

      you kinda smell like a bakaaaaaa eren jeagaaa

    5. Amira Chandler

      I need to talk to whoever disliked

    6. Sifa Shindang

      OMG So Prettyyy💛💛

    7. Nao Ma

      Love this song sooooo much ❣️

    8. Lian está triste.

      Isso tá lindo, Billie nunca erra.

    9. Aimee Martin

      Best song ever period

    10. Bardia Portohfeh

      You so so so beautiful

    11. Deborah Bons

      Goddamn this is so good

    12. •BANANI DAS•

      i was waiting for the part of “you made me hate this city” it’s a rock

    13. Sandra Sandra29

      Bagus bangett😄👍👩‍🎤

    14. ashly melendez


    15. antwnia

      jdr q temazo

    16. Chrissy Copping

      Is it me or does this sound like Gayle, abcdefu?

    17. Hrhf Dhhd

      I love she❤❤❤

    18. PRO_ Medusa

      you made me hate this hit me in so many ways

    19. -‘ Kiyumy Riva ! ๑

      THIS SO COOL BRO! 😭❣️

    20. O Bagruto

      Великолепная работа👏🏻 Огромное спасибо🤍



    22. Salsabila rahmadina


    23. SANJAYA

      Kk mau ice cream??

    24. Lâm Th7


    25. HINA


    26. HINA


    27. Aulia Rahmadinauli

      I,like you song ,i Love it ,I like this song😅🥰

    28. Aulia Rahmadinauli

      Hi billie i,m your fans in froom indonesia 🥰


      Wow this is just as sucky as the commercial. New age kids actually call this music.

    30. GamersGoWild

      not the album we deserved but the album we all needed. Thank you Billie Elish Pirate Baird O,Connle

    31. Rami Dabab

      So u call this music ?!!!!!!! 57 million dumb listeners

    32. Kamili Bzn

      باش فاطرين 😹😹😹

    33. Rio Apri Setiawan

      I loved to listen repeat 🔁🔁🔁🔁🔁🔁🔁 ❤️ . The song can relate to our reality romance story

    34. Sean McDonald

      One of the best "F*** YOU" songs . . . . . .have I said that before?

    35. Ruba AIqahtani

      Why is there no translation in Arabic?

    36. Sarah with an h

      This is my last relationship in song form, and it makes me feel so much better that i’m not alone in feeling all of this

    37. Chrissy Copping

      Can we please bring back 2005!!!!!!!!!!

    38. Andrea marino

      wish i am happier than ever



    40. syed hamza


    41. Ewelina Justyna


    42. عبدالله باصحيح


    43. BROSKITTLES gg

      I like you 🤗💗

    44. Simran Palwankar

      so relatable. cant stop listing to this

    45. Bruno Frazzitta


    46. erica richard

      this song goes from soft to rock

    47. Elish Music's

      You made me you obsessed. İ LOVE YOU BAE

    48. Joanna Stolla9

      This song went me through so much shit. I love you billie

    49. sad chips

      I can feel the strong emotions through the video and the song... Wow..

    50. klausxshadow


    51. Parth Kinger


    52. Akhbar Azman

      This is for me , my bestfriend doesn’t want to be friends and she’s rude and always misunderstood hate my games And use my roblox account anyhow she wants play games that she wants that is so fucking boring like kids game fake games tbh i hate her too i wish i could sing this in front of her face so she could feel when you ditch me and she asking me want to be friends i say no because is to late to say sorry and doesn’t mean that if you say sorry everything is going to be normal is not and i am living a nice life and being myself it so much better with out her!

    53. rea ktrk


    54. krack ツ

      does anyone know where she got the shirt from? its so cool!

    55. Fitri Qoiriyah

      Very amazing 😌

    56. Spongebob

      I kinda wanna do weird comments too So i was in the sofa no so fa syllable i watch religiously and pretentiously and amazingly cool stuff things like amazing to the B to the M Z is my favorite number press 3 to accept my love omg Bille so amazing like good solo for the performance omg my house weird omg so good sofa my laboratory is cool omg helium omg i love u billie ur great lol hehe this is not anatomy omg omg u omg.

    57. Jennifer Bowman

      Billieillish and Selena Gomez needs to collaborate like OMG SERIOUSLY SISTER'S!! 💯 PLEASE PLEASE!! OFF THE CHARTS IT WOULD BE PROMISE!:,🎊💯❣️✨🎶🤭👑🗯️💋💐🌹🥰🕊️📽️🙏🎉💚💞😉🎶👑🤭💯💯💯💯💯💯💯🎊

    58. Spongebob


    59. Zainab Afshan


    60. lisa bhattarai

      this is the best song i have ever heard and the second part of this song was fucking damn

    61. Alok Kumar

      Yeeh 100k comments

    62. Lusiphur StarLine

      I love the music so well just trying to be A little polite and let people know i exist you know how they say Lored given name and um well i wonder if she knows B I L L E EL L i 8 and 8 is X and 4 L and so well I was EL electric E is energy Light what solid matter is made of and EL Life Lines the Linea fruLien so well though I was wondering how the Lines of Life thought of there existince and well LemineL and germany g used to be L then became G and so there is A order to the words and there was one masive electric so if i die or if you dont know the name of the lored of lite was Lusphur and i do did care A Large amount about my Lines of Life im sorry if you dont understand the star way long ago the cassars of rome are based on this though they where not star kind of the being nailed to well you know so um well

      1. Spongebob

        @Lusiphur StarLine don't worry, you still make my day 👍👊🧡

      2. Spongebob

        @Lusiphur StarLine me trying to comprehend 👁👄👁

      3. Lusiphur StarLine

        @Spongebob if you Look up things you will notice I L L it is Lusphur Lectic L L 7L these is A real truth and um any way I dont like saying me i mena everyone other says there god or creator so i would rather people not know though if you looked up StarLien indutrel and Luaner oires that history the lored was electric like A AI computer exspt trillions years anchent and the galaxy coming this way well LS Light sphere system so invintor of the particles your made of and mostly i want humans to know where there from i hope you like your existince and your name means from EL Lite

      4. Spongebob

        weird, but true

    63. Taylor Swift

      This time she brings more serious than the last time...

    64. Jasmine Skinner

      omg what a beautiful heartbreaking song.

    65. Ilove Jesus

      Having goosebumps during the entire song......damn !

    66. Margaret Mandeya

      How can this song be my entire life right now?

    67. Z_Pyneal_Amv

      Thank you for the souls you help, on the way through the journey. You allow a deep breathe for a lot of people. Much love.

    68. Madge

      Where has the music industry gone to now. Nowadays songs sound depressing. That's why I hate modern songs. 2020+ songs became so boring.

    69. MamAnita

      So many people are going to thank you for this... ververy good. I am overwhelmed

    70. MamAnita


    71. MamAnita

      DAMN BILLIE!!! SO SO SO GOOD!! This music is a mmasterpiece!!! Profound, sensible, touching, different!! So modern fresh and deep!! Thanks for giving sonething new and authentic to this world of clones

    72. kafka tamura

      she looks so free when she's singing her heart out

    73. Laaron Victor

      it's been like almost a month and i still come back to this song every single day GOD THE WAY I RELATE TO THIS SONG ON A FRIENDSHIP LEVEL

    74. Martha Montsheng Madonsela


    75. Christan Allas

      2:15 ilovee this scene

    76. Naomi Velazquez

      The needy nut hepatosplenomegaly kill because self arespectively untidy apropos a stupendous furniture. bustling, feeble feigned current

    77. mayamckenna

      "I don't relate to you, no, cause I'd never treat me this shitty." Woof....perfect

    78. Noor

      İ love you Billie

    79. CholaSatanica

      The part where she is yelling gave me goosebumps, I was in a very toxic relationship and sometimes I’d scream so loud for help hoping someone would hear my cries for help, but I’d just wake up the next morning like it was a nightmare, but it was my reality and I didn’t know how to leave I really felt like I was drowning at times and didn’t tell no one. Thankfully I am gone and healing now. This song is just an amazing piece of art!!!!! Thank you Billie!!!!!

    80. ʚ spooky auralands ɞ

      Just a timestamp for the part taht I love :) 2:50

    81. Planetboom

      This is hits hard after watching her documentary 😭

    82. angkasa

      2:49 this part paling candu.

    83. Sarala

      She should do a rock album

    84. Strangethang2

      you left me not you little one yawns time to slay some devil s yawns bbye you gave up not me

    85. alyg ie

      the worst feeling is when u relate ur father or any parent to this, instead of a past reationship.....

    86. mama mo blue

      i wish all of her songs will be like this

    87. mama mo blue

      this is the best song she released yet

    88. Marie


    89. kachi

      BWHAHAHHA ilyy

    90. Manat

      Love you sooooooooooooooooooooooo much Billie

    91. 제니

      When I heard that song, I remembered Squid Game ep.6

    92. Nina

      2:48 🛐🛐

    93. Ruth S

      Wow this songs is epic!! It literally leaves you speechless what an amazing artist and talent!!

    94. Raving Ox

      me singing this to my dad.

    95. Christopher Martinez

      Hey Billy I’m XXXTENTACION fanxxx

    96. Ni Luh Wulandari

      Semua lagu Billie emg luar biasahhhhhh, tapi untuk yg satu ini sangat warbyasaahhh 😭💜💜

    97. CEV12

      Is this a la Radiohead?

    98. Luis López

      la canto tan fuerte como si estuviera roto y cansado, oh esperen si lo estoy.

    99. Stephen Bautista

      Happier that ever by billie eilish (2:39-3:36