Billie Eilish - Getting Older (Official Lyric Video)

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    Music video by Billie Eilish performing Getting Older (Lyric Video). © 2021 Darkroom/Interscope Records

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    1. Heeeeeeyyyy

      A minute of silent to those people who will never find this song☹️

    2. Narris Nutz Fashion

      why does this song always give me goose bumps when the intro comes on and then I start thinking about how I'm growing up so fast (and then I start getting SUPER emotional)??? Who can relate? Is it JUSt me, tell me Im not alone💔

    3. Vevo Vevo


    4. Sofia Arias

      Sometimes billie transmits emotion to a person but billie frees herself by composing songs and saying what happens to her, her songs are very beautiful but sometimes she can feel very bad and maybe she says it through songs in that case you have to understand her maybe she is having a very bad time I understand her a lot, Billie, I understand that I need to live to continue with my future, she assures me of happiness and insurance to other people as well :(

    5. Old Cardigan

      Sorry Billie

    6. Lázaro David Ramos Sánchez


    7. Beth      she, her

    8. Sophiaiscool

      b8llie should ignore the hate and look for real fans even when you did something "wrong" i stood up for you i love your music ive been more obsessed since 2019 octoberi want to you concert in houstin. i loved it and i will continue to love your musc(:

    9. Zahra  Ghasmi

      Billy even though I am Iranian. But I love you♥️🥺

    10. ämandǝ stävǝ

      no duh, level up... there are no credits in music

    11. Elber Karmo




    13. luvforluke

      I relate to this song so much its sad

    14. Karina Gutierrez

      i love you billie, thank you for sharing your music with us ✨✨✨

    15. Leila Kerber

      it gives me Beauty and the Beast vibes and I can't tell why

    16. je TT

      Listen to this cover i’m not kidding it’s the best

    17. deko dinata

      The song is delicious but not enough

    18. Alissa Evans

      This song is simultaneously a warm hug and a slap across the face

    19. Fans de billie eilish -19

      Mi amor eterno 😚

    20. Old Cardigan

      I thought you were special I thought you meant something to me I thought you were different it proves the true fact that you could not separate or from the artist I wish you a bright and happy life but I will no longer be a fan of yours

      1. Old Cardigan

        @Felis sylvestris I was angry last night. It had nothing to do with an innocent person that I don't know sorry

      2. Felis sylvestris

        I didn't get why you aren't her fan anymore

    21. Genesis Edwards

      The vibes tho

    22. Patrick Khaddar


    23. こんにちは私は調和していますHarmony

      I’m listening to the album on my cassette in class

    24. ortegafresn

      I really don't get the fascination with BE the music isn't that great lol. At least I don't hear it. Either way she's rich af 😂🤷🏽‍♂️

    25. Evelyn Nuñez

      uff this song is super cute you can't stop listening to it, very nice happy than ever billie album i love you💖✨💗

    26. Rachel M

      POV: you're listening to the whole album from the beginning for the 100th time bc you can't get over how ingenious Billie's music is 😎

    27. Jeffrey Craven

      Enjoyed the song Billie. I'll be 65 in a month; 1975 seems like yesterday sometimes; only when I look in the mirror I suprise myself. Thing for me is eating healthy food, watching my weight, staying far clear of drugs, and exercising while remembering the joints are not of an 18 yr. olds. My face, I still recognize from 35 y/o pics. Will buy a couple of your C.D.s.

    28. CLOCK

      I'm getting older, I think I'm aging well I wish someone had told me I'd be doing this by myself There's reasons that I'm thankful, there's a lot I'm grateful for But it's different when a stranger's always waiting at your door Which is ironic 'cause the strangers seem to want me more Than anyone before (anyone before) Too bad they're usually deranged Last week, I realized I crave pity When I retell a story, I make everything sound worse Can't shake the feeling that I'm just bad at healing And maybe that's the reason every sentence sounds rehearsed Which is ironic because when I wasn't honest, I was still being ignored (Lying for attention just to get neglection) Now we're estranged Things I once enjoyed (ah-ah) Just keep me employed now Things I'm longing for Someday, I'll be bored of It's so weird That we care so much until we don't I'm getting older, I've got more on my shoulders But I'm getting better at admitting when I'm wrong I'm happier than ever, at least that's my endeavor To keep myself together and prioritize my pleasure 'Cause to be honest, I just wish that what I promise Would depend on what I'm given (not on his permission) (Wasn't my decision) to be abused, mmm Things I once enjoyed Just keep me employed now Things I'm longing for, mmh Someday, I'll be bored of It's so weird That we care so much until we don't But next week, I hope I'm somewhere laughing For anybody asking, I promise I'll be fine I've had some trauma, did things I didn't wanna Was too afraid to tell ya, but now, I think it's time

    29. Bɪ̇ʟʟɪ̇ᴇ Eɪ̇ʟɪ̇sʜ ᶠᵃⁿ

      Billie great music

    30. Diogo Alvez

      Unico BR que gosta da billie?

    31. Kylee Matala

      Billie sounds like she’s grieving the fact that she’s human and I’m here for it.

    32. paulina sitek


    33. yo pro

    34. luiza

      My love😍❤

    35. Tameee

      " Things I once enjoyed, just keep me employed now " scared that will happen to me someday

    36. amber cameron

      This hits different listening to it in a car tho

    37. JudeCarlos

      I am 15, and this music still hits

    38. Snežana Antić

      Honestly I'm twelve years old And I understand and I know she will never see this but... I want to tell you that I wanna be stuck in this song because in past few weeks I don't understand what is life. You make my thoughts go away, life is so hard and painful and I hate that. And for real girl I stopped enjoying things I liked once you are the only thing I still love. I need some time to figure out what is life and your helping me a lot. Thank you for being here ❤️

    39. Blan Almeida

      YOU really are, eventually could my third child and I was so proud as I am of mine. YOU should se her Art and love for Niplon, Coreia and maybe China ❤️ First girld Surgeoh, second Coder, Third animator and design. Maybe the boys form a band... NO Patience for another beautiful intelligent, sensitive gid🙏❤️

    40. Samara gomesfarias

      Quem é brasileiro e ta vendo este video?,1

    41. malena rodriguez


    42. sandwich 000

      Dude this is great!

    43. Jotaro_kujo

      Dude this women adds to my collection of tallented people xxxtentacion juice wrld lil nas and ashniko but billie your at the top YOU QUEEEN

    44. María Guillen

      Hi Billie you my friend in Facebook 👏👏👏👏

    45. Forevis023


    46. Riccardo Bertino

      The best in the album imo

    47. klay donbishop

      Some one remix this Mac Miller ,🔥🔥😝

    48. Mac Arreola

      I Love you

    49. Amanda Beca

      Essa música me faz chorar

    50. Martine Reeves

      She is the new amy winehouse,she definitely cemented herself as a legend

    51. Chill Boy

      Y que piensas sobre la muerte de XXXTENTACION

    52. Makaila Keadle

      My Queen

      1. Makaila Keadle

        I didn’t post this it was my sister I told her To delete it I guess it didn’t delete I don’t like commenting on things but yes Billie is my queen

    53. Hinata

      Billie I Love You

    54. SaSa xD


    55. Malena Valdez

      This is so fucking agreeable and good

    56. Malena Valdez

      So Fucken good ok baddd love bill

    57. Amanda Neese

      She's brilliant 👏

      1. James Kelvin

        I'm very pleased to know I'm not the only one that loves her songs , how often do you like to listening to her songs

    58. Billies Oxytocin


    59. I’m literally a Maverick

      Connected to this song on a spiritual level!

    60. Porch Pone

      Porch Pone

    61. Neve Burness

      this song has me in a chokehold. thank you billie

    62. BlueBorn Silver

      "...It's so we~e~~~~~e~~~~~~e~~~~~~~eeee~~ird..." Sings about life exactly as it has been, it is and it will always be, in the most subtle way possible. Thank you. :)

    63. GD 585

      I feel like this is her first record that has really hit me in a revolutionary sort of way, I think that this is the beginning of her progressive artistic greatness, not just commercial greatness.

    64. Polly

      Oh my god she is just getting better and better

    65. Kunal gupta


    66. idk_wtf_to_put_here

      Lets get it!!! The album is bop!

    67. T Ockie

      God she is so talented... somehow her songs always hit that spot I need... "I'm getting older, I think I'm aging well, I wish someone had told me I'd be doing it by myself" 3:45 am in NC & she hit that spot again... such an incredibly talented soul

    68. Kim Jasty Yanong

      When I listen to your music Billie, I'm getting weak and I think I'm ready to die. But no offense, it's lovely. Thank you for the great music.

    69. Mr soul

      Hits different when you're shaving in the mirror

    70. matt

      3:23 💔

    71. matt

      the lyrics in this song is what hits the most no it’s true it’s so cute

    72. Youssef Meliji

      I love this new music! Keep it up Billie!

    73. Funtime Freddy

      Thanks for being awesome when I’m down I go on ROfor and search Billie eilish:)❤️

    74. alyssa joy black

      Jesus this girl is 19! And I’m listening to this at 31 in tears because Im getting older and I’m realising all these things about myself and how what I once loved i now just do by habit if I can even get out of bed… I cared so much until I’d didn’t.

    75. kylie

      3:01 bruh, the feeling😭❤

    76. Jared Kodiak

      This album is literally so depressing. The more I listen to it the more I realize how depressing it is. Like Billie, are you okay???? Maybe you do need to go to Kuwait and disappear, like for your mental health?

    77. Lemon

      this sounds like a song you can play during the car ride while moving to a new home so nostalgic yet so new and her voice is so beautiful it makes me cry sometimes

    78. Angelé Hatdog

      IDK why but I feel I wanna cry listening to this, somehow I can relate to this song

    79. 𝘣𝘭𝘶𝘳𝘳𝘺

      So emotional

    80. 𝘣𝘭𝘶𝘳𝘳𝘺

      Just listen 1:59

    81. 𝘣𝘭𝘶𝘳𝘳𝘺

      this is very emotional and contains different feelings. I can't explain it but it's very nice

    82. Annabella Sarantakos Angel

      Im in lloove with thiiss sounds like ur speaking through chakra an speaking within thiiss iiss doope

    83. Margarita Briceño

      Lying for attention just to get neglection.... YEP BEEN THERE

      1. James Kelvin

        I'm very pleased to know I'm not the only one that loves her songs , how often do you like to listening to her songs

    84. Thara sizemore

      You are so beautiful your music is so beautiful I am MOVED

    85. jemina Aguilar

      Thanks for all

    86. Elaine Frace Mercado

      i love youuuu!!!!

    87. Tate Friginal

      every word represents her musicianship life

    88. Gato Sexo Atrae el sexo opuesto

      No inglés , pero me en cantas

    89. Crosby's Girl club

      Congratulations on your VMA Billie!

    90. that1procrastinor

      “Things I once enjoyed - just keep me employed now.” Hits deep

    91. Cyclone Inc.


    92. [M]


    93. your mom

      i love this j dsuobwdUpADIW

    94. Hevar Rysta

      This one is my most favorite song on this album

    95. geyl bacs

      this song is so relatable