Billie Eilish - I Didn’t Change My Number (Official Lyric Video)

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    Listen to "I Didn’t Change My Number" from the new album “Happier Than Ever”, out now:

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    Music video by Billie Eilish performing I Didn't Change My Number (Lyric Video). © 2021 Darkroom/Interscope Records

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    1. Tsunade Senju


    2. Keep Smiling

      Yes, I came from tik tok too.

    3. Billie fan

      This song is really moodddd

    4. Vevo Vevo


    5. Erik Luis

      This song is such a mood for me rn like 😩👌

    6. dsmp..1014

      “and your bestfriend too”all i can see are the dream and gnf edits

    7. advth

      And ur bestfriend too

    8. scorpsé

      i hate her but this song hits amazing

    9. Mad Prolix

      Shark omg

    10. Hello_Allie

      LOKAH SAMASTAH SUKHINO BHAVANTU is a Sanskrit phrase that translates to "may all beings everywhere be happy and free and may the thoughts words and actions of my own life contribute in some way towards that happiness and freedom for all" 💚👽🛸🐱🐶🐄🐷🐔🐳🐬🦜🦚🍀🍄🌎

    11. Elber Karmo




    13. Papa Konkechup

      me encantai bili

    14. Sonakshi Dey

      completely different vibe

    15. Gustiniel Nunes

      Minha preferidaaaaaaaaa

    16. Monti Kups

      Her voice is giving me Amy Winehouse vibes in this song. The chills!

    17. Nick Wilson

      This reminds me of Early Mornin’ by Britney Spears and I have no idea why.

    18. Rahul Singh

      These voice i found in dark web.!😯 aslo same lyrics are matching 😕

    19. Miracleisararename

      billie ate a whole full course meal on this album 😮‍💨😩

    20. s rola


    21. Camilla Veiga

      minha fav❤‍🩹

    22. Nour Jandoubi

      But who's Laura?

    23. pulgarcita. ♡

      estoy enamorada de este álbum

    24. Skyler Cabrello

      This song and “Love Me” by Lukaz are literally the only two things getting me through these hard times, thank god for music! I love you.

    25. María Laura Ahumada

      es la primera ves que escucho billie eilish y me asuste cuando escuche el prinipio

    26. akira

      I don't like her but this song is pretty good ngl

    27. Madona Gvalia

      this song makes me feel like i own the world...

    28. Rebeca Acevedo

      ok, pero la publicó el día de mi cumpleaños [pro]

    29. - ᴛʜᴇ́ᴏ ᴍᴀx

      essa música é perfeita meu Deus, billizinha você nunca errou aaa

    30. denmarrx

      right after she says okay at the start, i love the music, it gives off kinda old school vibes & it’s the morning & u go into the shower, then u also remember that ur finally over them. i always play this song when i do that lmao.

    31. Latanja G

      1:34 ignore this:)

      1. joom 129


    32. bby ♡

      "and your best friend toO" God 😫😫

    33. Alyssa Marquez

      1:24 personal reasons

    34. Emily Nuñez

      she is soo but SOOO perfect

    35. gabbie


    36. gabbie


    37. gabbie


    38. gabbie

      vo fazer bater 7k de comments

    39. 🦋HOPEY🦋

      dude this song has me when she said “and ur best friend too”

    40. KayLeigh Morin

      When billie throws direct shade

    41. G. komni

      I'm still listening

    42. Жина Накова


    43. Teksio

      Drew is a gigachad

    44. Amanda Beca


    45. Sam Universe


    46. Laura

      I feel so good my name is Laura now. I mean she's singing my name :)

    47. a r

      I feel like this sounds like the background soundtrack from art attack

    48. w1n  H a r l e y

      what is this spell that all this woman's songs are perfect? ​​the touch, the lyrics, the voice MY GOD EVERYTHING!!!

    49. Elaine Ackerman


    50. dami120

      so good production Finneas is the best

    51. Porch Pone

      Porch Pone

    52. Micaela Gammuto

      1:34 my favorite part

    53. A N

      So this album made me a fan

    54. Tala ALASMARI


    55. 3xclusive_maui

      I’m in love your songs baby gurl keep it up 😘

    56. Dylan Grayson

      TLDR; of my other comment. 1. this guy whoever he was is not very smart. 2. move over Taylor Swift, you may have been the break up song Queen. But Billie is the Break Up album Queen.

    57. Hilda Dweik

      I told you she didn’t change her number

    58. Annie García

      by drew she means justin???

    59. Manjiro 卍

      1% swearing 99% vibes

    60. 💕harmony and cIairity💕

      I love this

    61. Sofia Diniz

      1:23 just 1:23

    62. Billies Oxytocin

      THE OKAY

    63. larissa

      O brasileiro sofre não sabendo a tradução quando não tem legenda

    64. Young Tobbie

      A girl from tiktok sent me here

    65. Jonatha Perez

      ALV nadie hablá español acá:v

    66. Joo Francisco Firmeza

      She deserves a a grammy

    67. Joo Francisco Firmeza

      Great music

    68. Joo Francisco Firmeza

      I love Billie

    69. Maconhera007

      I dindt change my number I only chanegd who i reply to Laura said i should be nicer But not to you O Love a "you mat at me" text Shoulda guessed That you would think i was upset You re obsessed Dont take it out on me Im out of simpathy for you Maybe you should leave Before i get too mean I didnt change my number I only change who beliave You were easy on the eyes But looks can be deceiving I gotta work I go to worg You dont deserve To feel so hurt You got a lot Of funkin nerve I dont deserve So dont take it out on me Im out of simpathy for Maybe you should leave Before i get too mean and Take it out on you And your best friend too I should've left when drew Said you were bad news

    70. matt

      the barking scared me oml

    71. aiko akagi


    72. Kinza M.


    73. Nour Sarkis

      I am the only one who searched "and ur bestfriend too" 😭😭

    74. Siley

      “and your best friend too” gave me BIG BIG AMY WINEHOUSE VIBES ✨🥰

    75. travisScottsJordans

      The “and your best friend too” gave me goosebumps

    76. colby brock


    77. mejia spook

      I need a music video ❤️‍🔥

    78. Vanesa Rose


    79. vbee

      the way she says "and your best friend too" !

    80. Delfina Andrina

      Acá l@s fans que hablan español😭💐 👇


      Don't take it out on me 😎😍 I love this song

    82. Walaa Damen

      Did you can sing the song symphonies its so cute pplease😙

    83. TeaSpecialist

      1:41 "And your bestfriend too😘" like omg how-

    84. Milly


    85. Iconic Yuh

      I cant Billie said this was her song this is obviously Shark’s song



    87. Eliza Maria

      This song , happier than ever and Billie Bossa Nova are the best in my opinion (in this album )

    88. Layan R

      I didn’t know that the angel who sang “and your best friend to” was billie!!!!!!!!!!!!

    89. Brianna Vann

      the “ take it out of you and ur best friend too “

    90. Tala Gallana

      Where's the live one already? 🥺💖

    91. Miu Iruma

      One of the best songs in the whole album in my opinion

      1. Eliza Maria

        You are right

    92. ManEatsPants

      why did the growl change…

    93. your mom


    94. Lily Vierra

      Best song in album by far, second is NDA

    95. MarissaXXX

      I'm obsessed with this song 😩

    96. Brad Diaz

      I wasn’t the biggest fan of Billie until I heard happier than ever, this song and many others blew my fucking mind. The ending was just *chefs kiss*

    97. Mimosa



      the dogs effects is gorgeouz

      1. ManEatsPants

        its real dog noises

    99. Julie Popin

      Take it out on you and your BeSt friend to that was the best