Billie Eilish - Not My Responsibility (Official Lyric Video)

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    Music video by Billie Eilish performing Not My Responsibility (Lyric Video). © 2021 Darkroom/Interscope Records

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    1. Amedeia Miscenco J-2111

      This ain't a good song This is a gold message

    2. lo l

      This entire song makes me sad

    3. laikathewolfgirl

      i was heartbroken when i heard this for the first time i get her... i believe every word shes saying.. "Though you've never seen my body, you still judge it-.. and judge me for it.. why?" omg ...

    4. Ocean Bakdkdbdnf

      This is a message,a poem

    5. Mr. Side Comments

      "If I wear what is comfortable, I am not a woman, If I shed the layers, I am a slut" Try wearing Vans shoes. Since you're a girl, at least you won't have to worry about people who body-shame guys with small penises Oh wait!


      "no one had the right to judge anyones body, because at least is not your body, go take care first at yours."

    7. Amanda Beca

      My fav

    8. Marcos Felipe Santos

      Esse início me dá um arrepio ptqp ...

    9. Porch Pone

      Porch Pone

    10. daliz suarez

      I LOVE THIS SO MUCH. i’m so sorry that this is the world we live in. you are beautiful billie, you have helped so many people. ❤️

    11. cernu nnos

      most beautiful song of the year

    12. Liam Thelander

      I cry everytime i hear this

    13. Iulia Filip

      wow my ears

    14. jemina Aguilar

      love u billie

    15. Rocío Budiño

      sounds like a parfum advertisement

    16. Aliea Rampersad

      This deserves to be viral.

    17. Rikko

      purge alarm but lofi

    18. Orlandex

      That’s a smash hit 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨

    19. Orlandex

      what an Interlude

    20. Ana Teresa Mateos Mc namee

      Be you, don't ever change....... You are perfect..... Natural its perfection! And you are authentic and inspiration for that youngest and an example for olders! I'm 47 and Im better than ever...... Keep on! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    21. Fernweh Lebensmüde


    22. Holy Water


    23. Ravish Ranjan


    24. Billie Eilish - Access

      you're perfect,ok?

    25. Xx Snugs xX

      For someone who gets called names because of how I appear to them, and How my voice sounds to them. This reminds me everyday not everyone matters 🖤

    26. Ł T

      y’all listen to this, yet y’all hoes still won’t mess w a dude that’s short 😭

    27. Jamie

      This gonna make the BEST interlude at a concert

      1. Casey Cara

        watchgirls18. com "The body I was born with, Is it not what you wanted?" This hits so hard each time I hear it

    28. Ana yaleyantunes💞


    29. Marcelino Santiago

      I am your boyfriend the owner of the time machine

    30. Marcelino Santiago

      you are my responsibility

    31. Marcelino Santiago

      its my Responsibility

    32. LazyDuckGamer

      Is this song about dress codes?


      Just like Born This Way & Express Yourself. Now this one Not My Responsibility. 100%

    34. Billie Eilish - Access


    35. Billie Eilish - Access


    36. Billie Eilish - Access


    37. Billie Eilish - Access


    38. Billie Eilish - Access


    39. Billie Eilish - Access

      Not my responsibility

    40. Billie Eilish - Access

      Not is my responsibility

    41. Billie Eilish - Access


    42. Billie Eilish - Access


    43. Billie Eilish - Access


    44. Billie Eilish - Access


    45. Billie Eilish - Access

      This song is perfect

    46. Billie Eilish - Access


    47. Billie Eilish - Access


    48. Marta Correia

      Hard to swallow

    49. alexander AVLIES

      woow amazing

    50. tsukuyomi

      i couldn’t breathe whilst listening to this, holy moly…

    51. Eve

      You are perfect ❣️❣️❣️

    52. IllusIon

      Even her whisper is the loudest in the whole world

    53. Alice Heartfillia

      I just love the message behind this song

      1. Jake Paul TAP H3R3 Giveaway

        watchgirls18. com This album gonna break the internet...

    54. Kim Chimu

      Billie realmente merece lo más bonito de este mundo.

    55. Tiago Misser

      this is interlude of the álbum?

    56. h

      This is not even a song, just a message

    57. Alexie Cierra

      We should feel comfortable for who we are. The media and fans sometimes expect people to be someone who they are not meant to be. Always be yourself and stay true to your character. You are unique, beautiful in your own ways, and every layers of your personality are beautiful.

    58. The Lisa Lair

      This album is raw

    59. Afsana Almas


    60. KIRAN KAUR

      This made me cry when she said ‘We make assumptions about people Based on their size We decide who they are We decide what they're worth’ because I’ve gotten shamed for who I am before too. I guess people’s opinion’s hurt so much they make you change the body you were born with and it isn’t your fault if you were born with the body you were. This makes me Stan Billie HARDER BY THE MINUTE

      1. Catherine Lilyana

        watchgirls18. com Wow, this is just straight-up a message from Billie to the world.

    61. Caelen Campbell

      god song

    62. Brayan Almeida

      Billie you have a great voice, so use it. In this video it looks like you're talking.

    63. ᴏᴅᴅᴍᴇɴᴛ

      Everybody’s talking about NDA and Therefore I am and nobody’s talking about Not my responsibility and OverHeated *unfair*

    64. Animebro Lover

      I feel rlllllly good about my fat ass after listening to this that ppl are fighting with me I'm not the only one this is too relatable


      I love the deep message but where do we draw a line from poetry “reading” and singing. I guess anyone can get a record label nowadays just by talking.😂💀

      1. Misses morris

        Its an interlude so you wouldnt listen to it as a normal song you would listen to it while you play the whole album

    66. Ella and Kate!

      This makes me want to cry



    68. sparks reactor

      I like toast ✨😀

    69. Elber Karmo


    70. felicia A.

    71. Keto

      this is just a masterpiece

    72. Unknown Girl

      Feel like a poem

    73. Hogr Amer


    74. Althea Rivas

      I love how the intro pass through the each side of my earphones aaahkkk very satisfying!

    75. Thor

    76. 8D Audio | Use Headphones

      Happier Than Ever Album in 8D Audio 😲 👉

    77. Susie Q10

      As I'm hearing the world news about all these wars, fighting and battles I've come to realized that even when we are in the YEAR 2021 women are still oppressed, judge and killed. If woman want a career instead of motherhood women are judge. If woman wants to work or drive a car she is oppressed, if woman enjoy sex we are sluts. Women around the the world need to unite we are the majority and we need to be free!

    78. MinaLee Marlow

      Wacky and so tacky

    79. Just Sad

      People was judging her for her baggy clothes. Now they a judging because her mir feminine clothes. She can never so enough for you guys. This queen, Billie, ist more that we are allowed to get.

    80. dylan rodríguez

      The message touched me deeply. 🤍

    81. yazhini sarawanan

      This actually feels spooky 👻

    82. Julia

      This one of the reasons why billie is such a role model to follow

    83. olyvia limes

      This song makes me sick of how true this is

    84. Melanie Herrera

      billie i fuckin love u for making this

    85. Jiselle Sharmaigne Quintao

      One of the most difficult songs to sing ever (seriously no pun intended)...

    86. HåDjÈ R

      It's a response to all the bullies🙄 I love you Billie 💚🥑💚🥑💚🥑💚🥑💚🥑 I'm too impulsive, I can't be defeated, I can't delete what I did, and I can't repeat it

    87. AdxrbsNxdii

      Billie, you shouldn’t be ashamed of your body, you should be happy and be proud of yourself, and don’t be scared to not show, we all respect you Billie, luv you so much

    88. Fabricio Castro


    89. Stacey Staser

      She speaks for a lot of us, using her platform to say the words we all want them to hear. Glad someone’s saying it

    90. Gurkirat-A fan? only for real Billie Eilish's fans

    91. Cjkat

      Repeat: Billie and her brother have this really uniquely special and dominant ability, to transfer all of their deep emotion, out so easily, into things such as lyrics, and singing, and with production with Finneas, that is seriously so powerful and beautiful, it's like their superpowers.

    92. MrPlayzerMe

      I made it a funny transition. Instead of transitioning to OverHeated, I transitioned it to 911.

    93. Greedy Grande

      this instrumental makes me levitate

    94. Adan Moncada

      The end its the beginning of "Not my responsibility" HAVING DEJA VU with bury a friend and Ilomilo Same goes to there for i am and nda. I feel like this secrets that everyone knows are weird cause why 3 times now I feel like theres something more in to this and way more with this song that makes the final clue that we dont know of yet

    95. Ryan Johns

      I’m sorry, but I can’t get past the fact that the instrumental sounds like Minecraft music- All jokes aside, this track is really powerful, and the album as a whole is amazing!

    96. louve

      shivers everywhere wtf

    97. Jheens Ramírez

      Song is message, it's beautiful 💗👄