Billie Eilish - NDA (Official Music Video)

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    Listen to “NDA” from the new album “Happier Than Ever”, out now:

    Directed by Billie Eilish

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    1. Bruh Hurb

      İbrahim tatlı ses mutlu ol yeter remix beat

    2. Bita

      Omg ! :}

    3. Çilem Karahan

      Owww Billie İbrahim Tatlıses dinliyormuşşşş

    4. David Clamadieu


    5. M

      In my country, photographing the best scenery and the best beaches. Enter to be amazed by the beauty of Morocco

    6. Raymundo Méndez

      I used to think at the beggining of the song that this will be "Not Gonna Get Us" from Tatu, until I got used to hear that intro, great song too.

    7. MamAnita


    8. chesstrashtalk999


    9. Wini Doam

      Why this song so underated

    10. SHITPOST

      CADÊ OS BRASILEIROS???????? ❤️

    11. Meli Flores

      casi se nos muere atropellada la billie

    12. Marcus Garcia

      Kinda reminds me of a N.I.N. beat

    13. Meybel Cobon

      ahora es mi canción favorita xd q bella canción

    14. Çağla

      İbrahim tatlıses mutlu ol yeter çalıyor arkadan

    15. 2000s kid

      This song is great.

    16. Mohammed BENCHAMA

      get high and listen to this

    17. Deli Çoban Videoları

      0:32 mutlu ol yeter

    18. Jorens Turks

      NF VIDEO😅🔥

    19. Armando Perez

      Muy buena canción a la realidad de una relación después de otra persona

    20. Mehmet Sarı

      Tek mal varlığım acılarım

    21. Aashi Dhaniya

      fuck that weeping sax or is it a violin right after the bridge, gets me every single time

    22. andrea mascia

      bellissima canzone

    23. Eva

      Among us

    24. Григор'єва Надія

      мне кажется в этой песне есть скрытый смысл :0

      1. myHenn Zcc


    25. Yael Jacome

      I love this song so much, is one of the best songs of the album, for me. Ily Billie

    26. Jacy Elizabeth

      This song has crack in it

    27. The Gongoozler


    28. Tyrone Tarango

      Cant people see there's a pedestrian on the street!

    29. Tyrone Tarango

      BILLIE WHATCH OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! get out of the road plzzzzzzzz :(

    30. Ernest Jones

      Hmmm.... takes me back to Robin Fox "I See Stars''.......

    31. Paty Delarosa


    32. DJMATEI

      Fineass: do you want to use greenscr- Billie: wich cars are we using?

    33. matt


    34. RainbowSky_1380

      among us?

    35. Gustiniel Nunes


    36. Erick Angel

      Dark Angel😍

    37. dayis Gomora

      the song is beautiful the meaning makes it direct

    38. haikvsp

      among us type beat

    39. ماين كرفت غنيه

      S homepage!

    40. Kristina LA

      This song is so damn amazing!!!Can't handle it!

    41. nalen hxz

      let's get this to 50 million

    42. 505

      i'm having a culture shock

      1. 505


    43. 505

      mutlu ol yeter

    44. NEHA T MUSIC

      Killer Smile 🚘🚘🚘

    45. mr agrest


    46. mr agrest

      When the imposter is sus moment

    47. Iyali Geuguer

      SOY DE LATINOAMERICA pero queria ser de america pero me encanta billie eilish

    48. Patrick Khaddar


    49. ONEWAY

      also why is this exactly like NFs CLOUDS music video?

    50. Evelyn Nuñez

      I have no words for this song I love it I love billie incredible video clik💓🥰😍

    51. NHFlol

      wait this isnt the amongus theme song

    52. Cisco

      new favorite song?

    53. RoGiXx


    54. Paraense a Bordo


    55. Adilson


    56. Станка Атанасова

      This is sooo cute!😊🎶

    57. The Hell hound

      Damn dude the beat in this tho it’s sonda nice ngl lol

    58. Jeremiah Bird

      Probably not the first one to mention this but nf did the whole car scene thing before billie

    59. Ms. C


    60. Lame Jokes

      Was it only me or was there actually the beginning part of Therefore I am in the end of this song ?

    61. لـٰ̲ـوٰسـٰ̲ـيـٰ̲ـاٰ 🧸🌨

      بيلي ايلش احبك ردي

    62. Valentina


    63. Jessica Elyssa Rose

      Boulevard of Broken Dreams, Night Time it seams.

    64. Skyler Cabrello

      This song and “Love Me” by Lukaz are literally the only two things getting me through these hard times, thank god for music! I love you.

    65. Patricia Caballero romo

      I love the music!!

    66. Patricia Caballero romo


    67. SKY.

      I do not understand English but wey what the fuck this is incredible bastard

    68. Kacii- Souza

      this song is awful, very good

    69. Gov bobby

      Billi is bes

    70. NeverGonna

      Wait, this isn't National Defence Academy...

      1. furkan bulut

        no,this is ibrahim tatlıses mutu ol yeter


      Ti rifai i capelli verdi

    72. tabi dzesh


    73. tabi dzesh


    74. Parker and Chester🖤

      This is hella scary I’m just a kid IM TO YOUNG TO DIE -_-

    75. Maahi Kumar

      Bad guy's ending and nda's starting is SAME

    76. Rap Monsta

      I love you Billie💚

    77. Miranda Dawson

      This is a song to vibe to for sure. Seems like something I’d love to just dance In my room pulling my hair all the while wanting to scream cry and laugh.

    78. AND

      Ele voltou, quer dizer, ela.

    79. — 𝘒𝘪𝘵𝘵𝘺 ʚɞ

      Fun fact: She is talking about she self. SAD, rigth?

    80. ronda roubanis


    81. stephanie

      FAV SONG

    82. AMANDITA🥑💛


    83. yo pro

      Dung dung dung dunuung😜

    84. Robby C

      So good

    85. Peyton And London Show

      3:10 gave me so many chills

    86. Rafael Gavia


    87. Ngoc Anh Dang

      Lyrics: Did you think I'd show up in a limousine? No Had to save my money for security Got a stalker walking up and down the street Says he's Satan and he'd like to meet I bought a secret house when I was seventeen Haven't had a party since I got the keys Had a pretty boy over but he couldn't stay On his way out, made him sign an NDA Yeah, I made him sign an NDA Once was good enough 'Cause I don't want him having shit to say You couldn't save me but you can't let me go Oh no I can crave you, but you don't need to know 30 Under 30 for another year I can barely go outside, I think I hate it here Maybe I should think about a new career Somewhere in Kauai where I can disappear I've been having fun, getting older now Didn't change my number, made him shut his mouth At least I gave him something he can cry about I thought about my future but I want it now Mmm, want it now Mm-mm-mm You can't give me up You couldn't save me, but you can't let me go Oh no I can crave you, but you don't need to know Did I take it too far? Now I know what you are You hit me so hard I saw stars Think I took it too far When I sold you my heart How'd it get so dark? I saw stars Stars

    88. kar

      this sounds soo good on my new bass and some good speakerssss

    89. Alister Blakeley

      Does anyone else think of the old 1992 Dune game at 00:33?

    90. g j

      NDA = non disclosure agreement ......AKA famous folks use them to keep thr privacy intact or employers use them to keep industry secrets, etc This is "supposedly" about a guy Billie brought home and he hadda sign it AKA...her address or nudity issues/pics, etc She is not a little 14yo with a homeade song on Soundcloud anymore NO, she doesnt still live with parents She bought a home yrs ago

    91. Intan Nuriah

      billie my idola kuuu hai I from Indonesia❤😘

    92. NÆy

      SO GOOD 0:33

    93. Jay Vala


    94. Erkan Yüksek

      0:33 İbrahim Tatlıses e giriş

      1. 505

        of abiiiÖLÖWFÖEWĞEÖÇ

    95. Mrs. Kietrius

      I don't think 90% of the people know what a nda is lol ... but I will say it's beautiful I loved it but if this is a true feeling maybe it's time to go talk a long journey through nature I'm not talking about a hike I'm talking months of cutting the world out coming atune with what we are pure nature. That industry will eat your soul alive if you don't keep balance

    96. Sergei Fonin

      не забываем, маньяки вас хотят)

    97. Monica Jain

      Gives me a horror and chille vibes I love to this man

    98. Maya Lightfoot

      this is so different and dope

    99. Joe Garcia

      I'm hearing your voice through my phone