Billie Eilish - Lost Cause (Official Lyric Video)

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    Music video by Billie Eilish performing Lost Cause (Lyric Video). © 2021 Darkroom/Interscope Records

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    1. Vandinho Luiz

      Billie Eilish - Perdida Causa (Official Lyric Video)

    2. Thalía Cortéz

      The lyrics of this song identify me so much, wow, Billie is my life.

    3. PepperMint

      Am I the only one who interprets this song as like, the way I talk to myself. It's really similar to things I tell myself, and things I think others would.


      billie eilish can u drop off uh glock 17 with uh 50 round drum at motel 6 and uh black hellcat with tinted windows drugs and 18 bands

    5. AMANDITA🥑💛

      Eu não canso de falar que a voz, dela e suave porque é até de mais! Q voz mds tão linda e maravilhosa.

    6. AMANDITA🥑💛

      Amooooooo e o clipe mds perfeita!

    7. Kindly Help me reach 150 Subscribers With No Video

      I pray who ever reads this, You will meet Billie Eilish

    8. Amanda Beca

      AI TE AMO

    9. Sam Universe

      Im kind of a bad bitchh

    10. Porch Pone

      Porch Pone

    11. Icarus_

      Why are they describing you in this song?

    12. jaz is

      Never thought I'd like anything this girl would make, but this song literally describes my ex and It's pretty helpful right now.

    13. Chams D.

      Mind-blowing vo..... 💕💕💕💕

    14. Jazzlyn Lailaqha Sahira Siswa

      tysm Billie, this song is my vibe~~

    15. Olivia Graves

      This song reminds me vaguely of Aly and AJ Potential Breakup Song

    16. Saina Dwivedi

      I did not really like bad guy by Billie but when I heard this song I fell in love with her singing

    17. Cain Marshall

      Wait this is dong is exactly how I feel about my crush I used to like for 3 years..

    18. CynMusic

      Check out my lost cause cover? Plz and thank you :)💞

    19. Orlandex


    20. Yerling Alvarado

      Me da vibes de Woman de Harry

    21. Lil Flynn420

      This describes my ex😅

    22. alal beledi

      I really love the part " *But that was before i realized* " 1:46

    23. Aesthetic Music🔥

    24. help me reach 1k with no video

      Whatever Billie elish makes it will become a master piece in itself

    25. lila gaia huijgens

      I want to be zanger 2 I love Your songs so cool I Want To Be A Song 2

    26. Tyler Brown

      Bro I feel like she talk pacifically talking about my ex

    27. Billie Eilish - Access

      By Billie Eilish

    28. Billie Eilish - Access


    29. Billie Eilish - Access


    30. Billie Eilish - Access

      I love it

    31. Billie Eilish - Access

      *LOST CAUSE*

    32. Billie Eilish - Access

      ★LOST CAUSE★

    33. Billie Eilish - Access


    34. Billie Eilish - Access


    35. Billie Eilish - Access

      Perfect Song

    36. Billie Eilish - Access

      ★Lost Cause★

    37. Billie Eilish - Access

      ★Lost Cause*

    38. Billie Eilish - Access

      *Lost Cause*

    39. Billie Eilish - Access


    40. Billie Eilish - Access

      I love this song

    41. Billie Eilish - Access

      LTCS it's the sigle of the music

    42. Billie Eilish - Access


    43. X X

      Unpopular opinion: This is my favorite song from the album🥰

    44. Alice Heartfillia

      I want to sing this song to my ex but I'm not a good singer and I don't have any ex XD

    45. Afsana Almas

      She made this amazing album. Stream this album❤

    46. epicman

      this world needs to change. it doesn't need saving, people like this should just never be given power. You made me cry. bullying is not okay.

      1. Mitsuki

        How did she make you cry? And who did she bully?

    47. Karnóth Kamilla

      I felt so happy when I realised that the lost cause is not us in the song, but them❤😌 when I saw the title, I'd thought we'd be the lost cause.

    48. José Gouveia


    49. Sibel Demid


    50. Elber Karmo


    51. felicia A.

    52. kaddiddlehopper

      It will be nice when billie eilish is past the teenage angst stage. This is getting old.

      1. Mitsuki

        The bye nobody is forcing you to listen to her music 🎶

    53. Eric Son

      This song is perfect ngl

    54. Hogr Amer


    55. Theodore Salazar

      ils existent des français là ?

    56. Thor


    57. matt

      a bop

    58. KPOP HAYA


    59. Kristin

      the person who didn't sent her flowers : 😭💔🥀🙏🙏

    60. Analú

      THE VIBE

    61. Tationna Booth

      You anit nothing but a lost cause 💛

    62. Julia


    63. MoonRae

      Her outfit in this is goals

    64. Alissa nordal

      😂 I got caught singing this song in a basement work in construction in stucco though but it was Hilarious had a few heads poking down and I got embarrassed 🙈 😆 and at the part you got no job 😆

    65. LittleJoestar

      2:30 love this part

    66. Tationna Booth

      You’ll send a mf all your flowers, but they won’t get you any then get mad when you stop giving 😮‍💨🥴

    67. Pixie Bonez

      my favorite part of this song is always 0:58

    68. Fabricio Castro


    69. Nocturnall Snake


    70. Erin White

      Wow. I don't know why I never listened to her before. I guess I thought I was too old for these newer artists. This shit is beautiful.

    71. Gurkirat-A fan? only for real Billie Eilish's fans

    72. Cjkat

      Repeat: Billie and her brother have this really uniquely special and dominant ability, to transfer all of their deep emotion, out so easily, into things such as lyrics, and singing, and with production with Finneas, that is seriously so powerful and beautiful, it's like their superpowers.

    73. lema😨

      billie's songs are amazing ah😟

    74. Grace’s Videos


    75. Dumy Here

    76. ♤checkmate♤

      Watch "Artwork #shorts #arts #artwork #paint #painting" on ROfor

    77. Wendy Ncube

      I love Billie Eilish sm 🥺 her songs !!!! Omg

    78. Ana Júlia Leandro


    79. Carlos Belluomini

      The person I liked was a lost cause

    80. Geet Gill

      0:40 ❤️‍🔥

    81. Wherearetheavocadoz

      How do ppl hate this song

    82. [• A k i o •]

      I saw the ad about you I love it

    83. AndresHonua72


    84. Valentina Maldonado

      Este Álbum va a ganar millones de premios y va a quedar para la historia This Album is going to win millions of awards and it is going to be a thing of the past.

    85. Cati Paint

      Me enamoré de su ropa-



    87. Anhar Sholi

      Israel is suck🙂

    88. Claudia Guadalupe Luna Córdova

      I LOVE YOU❤️

    89. Lauren Gardner

      this album is everything


      listen it at 1.5x, trust me it just gets better!

    91. Luis Carbajal

      I love your music so much ❤️🔥

    92. Lourie Vallido

      ♡(> ਊ

    93. Sheryl S.

      1:33 I've listened to this song so many times, I lost count. I catch new things in the song each time. I just noticed you are whispering, literally at 1:33 lol clever Billie, very clever!! ;) (rude complaining people: "boo Billie whispers in all her songs") hahhaa yea and she does it in spite of you cause You aint nothing but a lost cause "maybe you were thinkin' bout yourself all the time." I love you Billie. Okay i'm done LOL :) {i'm amused}